Bug Splats on a Windshield Don't Stop Progress

March 14, 2017

In any situation, other than the motivation beyond my comprehension and control (possibly a divine intervention), I don't believe the worldly physical manifestation we all know as Michael Hatter would have wasted time to write this. Furthermore, go forth with the effort to edit and then publish this. I believe the motivation pushing the fleshy decision-making forces I use daily to navigate the life experience is being forced by something bigger than myself. Maybe it is for the greater good. Who knows? The true point is this: This experience is a representation of the challenges individuals face on a day to day basis. Moments like these are part of the life experience. It can be extremely strange and confusing for sure. However, I feel being aware of the variable hardships one may encounter helps the mental and emotional preparation for life's similar occurrences.


I was recently in a situation, where a long time ago I purchased a house on the North side of Houston. At that time, I was in a relationship with a young lady who helped me navigate the process of buying a house. I assume within the confusion of the process of closing on a house for the first time, as well as having the assistance of this young lady throughout the process, her name ended up on the title with a moderate amount of questioning and mild resistance. A year later the young lady became an ex-girlfriend. The young lady moved out, and we both moved on with our lives. 


Fast forward another seven or eight years, and it is now time for my wife and I to sell the house and move on to something more our taste. It sounds simple, but since ex-girlfriend's name is in the title, ex-girlfriend wants half of the sale profit. The ex-girlfriend, however, did not put forth the $10,000 down payment nor did she pay any of the homeowners association fees, the mortgage, the taxes, nor assist in the upkeep. However, due to legal parameters and my lack of desire to want to drag out the process of selling the house to fight this in court, I decided just to go ahead and get her out of my hair, as well as move on with life with my wife in a timely fashion. Needless to say, I was not happy about the situation.


The situation of the process of selling the house and legally having to have my ex-girlfriend along for every step of the process, I believe can be wrapped up in an analogy.  I believe I can apply this analogy to other encountered situations throughout life as a reminder of how to navigate life's little annoyances.


Here is the analogy:

I believe this situation is like being in a car on a road trip traveling the interstate with your cruise control set to a progressive cruising speed, such as 75 miles an hour, when all of a sudden there is a Splat on your windshield. You hurry and try to use your windshield washer to clean it, but the blades just smear the remnants of the bug across your line of sight. As your attempts to fight the situation intensifies so does the obstruction of view. The smears on the windshield become so thick you can physically feel the noisy static that has accumulated and surrounded you. 


It is annoying. It is very distracting. It is frustrating. It is noisy.  The fact of the matter is that the cruise control is still set to 75 miles an hour, and progress is still being made. You and the individuals in the vehicle with you, are still moving forward. The destination is still underway. All factors surrounding progress is still in place. 


The ex-girlfriend is nothing more than a bug on my windshield. All the while, I am seated comfortably in my luxury car of progress with its cruise control set to 75 miles an hour on our way to our wildest dream. 


I offer you a Haiku (5-7-5):


I'm ComForTaBle

She is SelFish and GreeDy

The Grass Is GreeNer



I recently spoke with a former professor of mine, and she told me, "You have to go at the pace you are given." The context was not in sync with the topic of this post, but she was still 100% correct. The process is the same no matter the outcome. Regardless of the outcome, we have still made leaps and bounds of progress.


My advice is to remember that your minor detail may be someone else's *BIG DEAL*. Follow your true self's decisions. Take time to recharge. 


Blessings and Love,

<3  #LongLiveHatter

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